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Some key knowledge points about Türkiye dedicated line freight customs clearance

Essential Knowledge for Türkiye Dedicated Line Freight Customs Clearance

Hello everyone, I am TPD Logistics, who specializes in Turkey freight forwarding customs clearance. Today I would like to share with you some key knowledge points about Turkey dedicated freight customs clearance:

türkiye dedicated line

1. Document authentication: Turkish customs stipulates that when clearing goods from the Far East (including China), sales contracts and export declarations are necessary documents, and these two documents need to be authenticated by the Turkish Embassy and Consulate in China.

2. Transfer of ownership of goods: After the goods arrive at the Turkish port of destination, the ownership certificate will be transferred to the consignee. If there is no "rejection notice" from the consignee, the consignor cannot return or transship the goods.

3. Customs storage period: The storage time of goods in Turkish customs shall not exceed 40 days. If the period is exceeded, they may be auctioned by the customs according to law.

4. Customs clearance document requirements:

- For non-document goods, there are different customs clearance requirements based on value and weight.

- Non-document goods with a value of 0-75 euros and a weight of less than 30 kg, as well as goods within a specific value and weight range for non-commercial use, can be cleared by international express.

- High-value goods and/or goods declared in commercial trade, regardless of value, require formal customs clearance procedures.

5. Customs clearance of low-value goods: Goods with a value of less than 22 euros are exempt from tax and can be declared informally, but may be subject to local customs risk management and low-value estimation control, and sometimes formal customs clearance is still required.

6. Customs clearance of special goods: For example, imported foods such as dried figs and hazelnuts require health documents, phytosanitary documents, certificates of origin, Chinese labels, etc., and follow specific food safety supervision policies.

7. Customs clearance for dangerous goods: There are special customs clearance procedures for importing three types of dangerous goods, and Turkey's dangerous goods import regulations must be strictly followed, including providing specific safety documents and following special handling procedures.

8. Customs clearance for personal items: Imported household goods and daily necessities are limited to personal use and can be shipped through express companies such as DHL, but attention must be paid to the local DHL customs clearance capabilities and personal customs clearance requirements.

9. Express customs clearance capabilities: EMS Post is suitable for the transportation of small express deliveries in express delivery from China to Turkey because it belongs to the Universal Postal Union and has strong customs clearance capabilities.

10. Customs declaration and entrustment: Whether it is formal or informal customs clearance, it is usually necessary to prepare a customs declaration and inspection entrustment letter, and the importer or its entrusted customs clearance agent will conduct customs clearance.

These knowledge points cover the preparation of customs clearance documents, time limit requirements, special requirements for different types of goods, and customs clearance capabilities of express companies. They are key points that need special attention when conducting customs clearance for Turkey special freight.

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