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Company Service

      The core team of Topda has more than ten years of experience in the international cross-border logistics industry, the company's main business is Matson RS8 by sea+express DDP service, Matson M8 by sea+truck DDP service, as well as Yantian FCL DDP/DDU service  and M4 channel for oversized cargo with sea + truck delivery DDP service, and Auckland S1 direct delivery special line service, but also launched the highly competitive AMG New York sea+truck DDP service.   

       1-When your cargoes arrive at our warehouse, we will check for you for free if there is any damage to the packaging. If there is, we will help you solve this problem and change new package.

  2-We will check the package size to evaluate if it is reasonable, if not reasonable, we can change the packaging size for you free of charge to reduce the volume weight of your products.

  3-In order to prevent your products from becoming damage during sea transportation, we can help you wrap them with bubble wrap to reduce this possibility if with requirement.

  4-We can offer 1 months free storage in out warehouse and can ship the cargeos as Amazon released, you can make a comparision, if stock the cargoes in my warehouse will be more affordable for you, I can help to do the detail shipping plan later.

  5-If with Amazon shipping, we can help to make a easy checking on product quality, will send you pictures and videos to make sure products good condition.

  6-We can help to check barcode and outer carton label attaching, if with any damage, will print the new one and help to attach on.

  7-We will help cusomters do an insurance plan for you if with necessary.



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